A Few Good Halloween Costume Ideas

A few years ago I saw a few Web page costumes that were kind of interesting, but I have an idea for an update that could really be sweet.

Get some friends together and be Facebook pages. Of course if it’s Halloween, You want something appropriate. Any good monster will have a fan page, Frankenstein, Dracula, the Wolfman of course, but also Satan and numerous demons have fan pages. Satan’s wall should have posts from Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Joseph Stalin and the like. Those would be some good pages to be also, and you could have some really good banter going on between the pages.

You could really take this one over the top if you can put a portable DVD player in the costume and be a YouTube page. Don’t ask me how to do this; I’m the idea guy, not a fashion engineer.

Twitter is another ‘Net related theme that could be good. Twitter bluebird costumes are available, and of course you will want some clever tweets to “post” with some small hand held signs.  All within the 140 character limit, of course. A few should be really banal, “I’m sitting on the patio,” “I’m drinking a beer,” but a few could be really outrageous, depending on how adventurous you feel.

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Sexy Halloween Costumes – Where Do We Draw the Line?

Sexy women’s costumes are always a big hit at parties, but at what age do we allow our daughters to start looking sexy? 18? 16? 8?!!
I ran across this article on the old Feminist Law Professors site, that has some pretty disturbing images. Costumes with names like “Miss Behaved” and “Major Flirt” can only encourage young girls to develop inappropriate self images.

“I Love Pink Charmed Witch”

“I Love Pink Charmed Witch”

Yes, the article is a little old. but these costumes, and worse, are still for sale; and the girls modeling them are clearly under 10 years old.

Am I right here? Or am I just turning into a cranky old fart who is out of touch with the real world?

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